My Favourite Music

My Favourite Music

Those that know me in real life (although they don’t know about this blog) know that my favourite music is a massive part of my life. I’m a bit unconventional, don’t follow trends and never listen to Capital Radio.

Below is my Apple playlist named ‘Stuff’. It’s a collection of songs that reminds me of people or places and I love each and every one of them. They’re nothing ‘manly’ or anything like that but they mean the world to me.

They are also different genres. From country to show tunes, they all have something in common. The words. I’m not adverse to a descent beat, my liking for Jess Glynne is obvious. I also love a bit of Frank Sinatra. His song, Come Fly With Me is one of my absolute favourites but it’s not a song that means something to me, it’s just a song that I love to sing along to.

I add to them from time to time but it takes something pretty special to make it on this list.

I hope you enjoy my favourite music and feel free to comment with any recommendations.


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